Fashion & Organize (Gabs & Erin Condren )

I am sooo happy that today I found THE perfect bag for my Erin Condren calendar and for me of course.
Normally I don't spend much money on handbags but here I couldn't resist. I saw this bag and when I looked inside and discovered the inside-bag I knew immediately my calendar would fit in there. I hadn't heard of this brand before (an Italian Company called GABS) but the qualitiy is really good.
The price?
Well, I was at least lucky that it was on a big sale as it was still not cheap but I know I will love this bag as much as I love and need my calendar.
And now some pictures, first of the bag and a little video of this special bag called Gabs Viola and then some pictures of my Erin Condren Calendars.

I chose really bright colors because normally I don't wear bright colorful clothes. But I feel that sometimes I need some bright spots, either in a scarf or handbag or ...

By the way, for my first Erin Condren calendar I even sew a little inside-bag, although sewing is really not the thing I am good at ;-)

The next pictures show my Erin Condren Calendar which works so well for me. I use it for my work and private issues. I still use my first calendar and just changed the cover which is interchangable since the new release.  I love that. The new calendar is also on the picture. I will use the new one only from September on.
My cat is also in the picture, he is so curious and wanted to have a look what I was doing outside when I took some pictures. Unfortunately it was getting dark already.

This is an interchangable cover in teal and chocolate , TEAL is just not as pretty in the picture as it is in reality. I tried different cameras but it just doesn't match the real color.

This is the inside of my new calendar which I will start in September. The colors are off-white and taupe. You can see it on the left inside cover.
There are sooo many covers you can choose and even customize with your name or even pictures.

 This calendar is devided in weekly pages and at the beginning of each month there is an overview of the month and the weeks to come.

 You have lots of space to write notes next to the days which are devided in morning, day, night. I love that the weekdays start with a Monday. Here in Germany that is normally the case but I know that in the US weeks often start with a Sunday.
There are lots of stickers provided but you can personalize extra stickers if you need more. This time I  also tried the customized photo-stickers and I like them.

The last page contains a "keep it together" - folder and a zip-folder which is really handy because it prevents little things from falling out.

All in all I don't know any better calendar at the moment. It works perfectly for me and I am satisfied with the quality. And now I even have the perfect bag to match :-))

Have a great day!